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A new survey on state crime shows 72% of Louisiana residents think crime has increased the past few years. Though most Louisiana residents were not victims of crime over the past year, 58% said they personally know a victim of property crime and 44% know someone who was attacked or threatened. Dr. Michael Henderson directed the survey.

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The survey report can be found on the LSU Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs website.

Speaking of crime a new study ranking the most dangerous NFL stadiums to visit is out and despite the seemingly never-ending rise in Crescent City crime, the Caesar’s Superdome did not come near the top of the list. In fact, the home of the Denver Broncos, Empower Field at Mile High was found to be the NFL’s most dangerous stadium to visit. There are 32 NFL stadiums. The Dome wasn’t even in the top five.


Pay attention to your mailbox, because the Louisiana State Treasury is mailing $5.1 million in unclaimed cash property to the rightful owners. Colleen Crain has the story.

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LSU Tiger fans have a chance to defend their Jello Shot Challenge championship from home this year. Rocco’s Pizza and Cantina has set up a QR code so the purple and gold can make donations remotely. Mike Manning with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank.

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