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A new survey on state crime shows 72% of Louisiana residents think crime has increased the past few years, 10% less than last year’s survey. Dr. Michael Henderson, who directed the 2024 Louisiana Survey, says findings show Louisianians are determined to do something about crime.

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For some Louisiana residents, the check is in the mail…for unclaimed property that is. State Treasurer John Fliming says one in six Louisianans have unclaimed property and many are not aware so don’t automatically assume an unexpected check is a scam….

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Most checks average $100 – $200. If a large sum is due you will be contacted by the Louisiana State Treasury.

Even though Tiger Fans aren’t in Omaha, they can defend the College World Series Jello Shot Championship remotely. Brooke Thorington has the details.

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Population and job growth are stagnant in Louisiana. That’s according to the Pelican Institute. Chief Economist Vance Ginn says Louisiana ranks in the bottom 10 in the nation in population growth and unemployment rate. But he believes there’s a way to improve those figures.

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