PM LRN Newscall June 11

Governor Jeff Landry signed a bill earlier today reorganizing Louisiana Economic Development. Mel Bridges has more.

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The tragic drowning of a child in Ascension Parish serves as a reminder of the importance of knowing how to swim. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Ray Tanner, the University of South Carolina’s Athletic Director, has shocked the baseball world by selecting Paul Mainieri as the Gamecocks’ next baseball head coach. The move comes after South Carolina fired their head coach Mark Kingston after his seventh season with the program. Tiger Rag editor Todd Horne says the move is shocking after Mainieri retired three seasons ago citing health concerns.

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Besides citing Mainieri’s health concerns, Horne says that baseball has changed tremendously since he retired in 2021. The addition of NIL and the rising importance of transfer players were not as prevalent in baseball when Mainieri last coached. These factors can now make or break a team, especially in a conference as competitive as the SEC which has had 4 different teams win the last 4 national championships.

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Paul Mainieiri being hired as a head coach does not come as a shock as he almost became Notre Dame’s head coach in 2022 and Miami’s in 2023. Horne says he turned down those opportunities for unknown reasons but accepted the South Carolina job after serious consideration and a chance to coach in the SEC again.

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LSU and South Carolina will face each other in SEC regular season play next year.


Governor Jeff Landry signed a bill earlier today reorganizing Louisiana Economic Development, which House Commerce Committee Chair Marksville Representative Daryl Deshotel says does three things. Firstly, it restructures LED to run at the pace of businesses instead of government. Additionally…

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According to Deshotel, the act, also known as the Positioning Louisiana to Win bill, makes sure every business is fairly represented in state government by establishing a private sector-led board to advise LED.

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Landry stressed the reorganized LED intends to focus on small and existing Louisiana businesses just as much as attracting new ones to the state.

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The LED senior leadership team was also announced at the signing.


The tragic drowning of a 12-year-old in Ascension Parish on Monday serves as a reminder of the dangers of water. In Louisiana drowning is the third cause of death for children ages one to 14. In Baton Rouge, BREC Aquatics Instructor Daniel Burg says through a partnership with the Red Cross they offer free swimming lessons…

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Burg says they also offer adult swimming classes…

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Even if you never plan to go swimming, Burg says you never know when you’ll be in a situation where you’ll have to swim.

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For a listing of classes in your area visit and search swimming. You can also find tutorials and apps about swimming.


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