11:30 LRN Newscast June 11

Governor Jeff Landry has signed a bill to reorganize Louisiana Economic Development. House Commerce Committee Chair, Marksville Representative Daryl Deshotel says his bill restructures LED to run at the pace of businesses instead of government, and

Cut 6  (08) “…so long. ” 

The act also makes sure every business is fairly represented in government.

Former LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri will apparently be returning to an SEC dugout, but this time it’s at the University of South Carolina. After retiring from LSU in 2021 for health reason Tiger Rag Editor Todd Horne says Mainieri was on the radar for other schools…

Cut 5 (16)  “… next year.”

With car theft on the rise in Louisiana, there have been cases where car owners have tried to either confront the thieves during the theft or later when they track down their vehicle. In some cases, the car owner has been injured or even killed. Self-defense expert Dave Newman says if you find yourself witnessing a car theft, try to document as much as you can.

Cut 14 (10)  “…(x2) because of GPS.”

He says let police intervene and never try to take the law into your own hands.

Nunez Community College in Chalmette is set to kick off a first-in-the-state associate’s program training students as entry-level wind turbine technicians. Dean of Instruction Reggie Poche hopes this program will push the state to modernize its energy sector, since…

Cut 24 (09) “…this country.”

Visit the school’s website for more information and they are also offering full scholarships.