9:30 LRN Newscast

Starting in 2025, retailers who do not properly label seafood with its correct country of origin will face fines of up to two-thousand dollars. Marrero Senator Patrick Connick says his bill that was recently signed by the governor puts teeth into a law passed in 2019….
cut 8 (12) “…two thousand dollars”

College athletic departments are planning for revenue sharing, where schools will directly pay their athletes starting in 2025. It could be around 22-million dollars for all athletes at a major school as a result of a historic antitrust lawsuit. Schools will look to cut costs. LSU Executive Deputy Athletic Director Verge Ausberry says LSU is looking to schedule more in-state schools for non-conference football games because it’s not as costly
Cut 15 (11) “…range.”

An NFIB jobs report says only 18 percent of small business owners are planning to increase compensation for workers. That’s the lowest since 2021…
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Before the hurricane season ramps up, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine spokesperson Ginger Guttner says have you dog or cat microchipped…
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