AM LRN Newscall May 30

An above-average hurricane season starts this Saturday. Are you prepared for the worst? Mel Bridges has more.

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A bill yet to be heard in the Senate would remove the 30-year statute of limitations one can be prosecuted for child molestation.  Brooke Thorington has more.

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A Ponchatoula city police officer found dead in her patrol car is remembered fondly. Mel Bridges has more.

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The Governor’s Office of Homeland and Security and Emergency Preparedness are encouraging Louisiana residents to get a hurricane plan together before an above-average season starts Saturday. Director Jacques Thibodeaux says in the event of an evacuation, listen to local officials.

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Thibodeaux says now is the time to finalize evacuation plans if a major hurricane threatens Louisiana’s coast. He says they are advising coastal residents against trying to beat a hurricane by going east or west on I–10.

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Thibodeaux says he’s concerned about the coastal residents who refuse to evacuate even if a major hurricane is threatening their home and life.

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Thibodeaux encourages Louisiana residents to visit GOHSEP’s website,, to help stay hurricane ready.


Among the bills to be heard in the Senate is one to eliminate the 30-year statute of limitations where one can be prosecuted for child molestation. Lafitte Representative Tim Kerner hopes the bill, which passed unanimously in the House, will be heard in the Senate before the session ends.

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Since he authored the bill, Kerner says he’s heard from too many victims, and he believes they deserve to have their case heard no matter how long ago it happened.

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Far too often Kerner says children are victimized by someone they know and trust, and they repress the memories of what happened to survive. And in some cases, it’s someone in their own family.

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Kerner encourages residents who support the bill to call their state Senator and ask them to pass House Bill 453.


Ponchatoula City Police Corporal Pricilla Dean Pierson was found dead in her patrol car outside a Rouses in west Ponchatoula on Tuesday morning. Chief Bry Layrisson says his department is still reeling from the loss.

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Bystanders noticed Pierson’s car had been parked overnight, and a store employee who checked on her found her unresponsive. Autopsy reports show an 80 percent blockage in one of her arteries. Pierson is survived by her loving family.

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Layrisson says Pierson had a number of existing health issues and no foul play is suspected. To Ponchatoula, he says, she was more than just an outstanding officer.

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Funeral services have not yet been finalized.


Walker Police Chief David Addison was at the right place at the right time last Friday. He says it was divine intervention when he took his daily walk an hour earlier when three young girls pleaded with him for help because their father was unresponsive in their backyard swimming pool.

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Addison and responding officers were able to get the man out of the pool and begin life-saving measures. Addison says the victim remains hospitalized.

In the small Livingston Parish city of 7,000 Addison says while he’s responded to a variety of calls this one is an emotional one because he didn’t want the young girls ages 3, 4, and 5 to go without a father.

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Addison says he also called his wife to calm the three girls while EMS worked to revive their father.

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For the victim’s and the family’s privacy, his name is being withheld.


The defending national champion LSU Tigers begin play tomorrow in the Chapel Hill Regional as they will play the Wofford Terriers, champions of the Southern Conference Tournament. Left-hander Gage Jump is a potential game-one starter as he’s allowed just nine earned runs in his last six starts. LSU pitching coach Nate Yeskie says Jump is a more confident pitcher after getting hitting around during the first half of SEC play…

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Jump and Luke Holman have become a difficult one-two punch as far as starting pitchers go. Yeskie says Jump and Holman are pushing each other to be great…

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Nicholls has arrived in Corvallis, Oregon for its regional game against U-C Irvine on Friday afternoon. Coach Mike Silva says the Anteaters have a loaded pitching staff and a dynamic line-up…

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Nico Saltaformaggio is one of Nicholls top pitchers. He’s 7-and-4 with a 3.88 ERA as he’s made 27 appearances out of the bullpen.  Silva says they don’t get this far without Nico…

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Wofford faces a big test in trying to defeat LSU on Friday in the Chapel Hill Regional. Terriers Baseball Coach J-J Edwards says his players understand the challenge…

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Wofford won six games in five days to win the Southern Conference Tournament and receive an automatic berth into the NCAA Tournament. They rank second in the country in runs per game, as they average 10 runs a contest.