4:30 LRN Newscast May 29

We’re in what could be the final week of Governor Jeff Landry’s first regular legislative session. While lawmakers are hoping to wrap up business on Friday, they must adjourn by 6 PM on June 3rd. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says there are still some big items left to tackle.

Cut 6  (09) “…this Friday. ” 


Earlier this month, the Louisiana House approved a bill calling for a constitutional convention to take place in August. But several lawmakers were concerned over the lack of specifics on how the convention would be held and what would exactly be changed in the constitution. Senate Governmental Affairs Chairman Cleo Fields says his committee opted not to hear the bill because there is not a consensus among state senators on holding a convention…

Cut 10 (04) “…is done.”

The 18-year-old Ruston woman who was killed Saturday in a drive-by shooting has been identified. Police say Haleei (Haley) Newton, the Ruston High School student, who graduated last Tuesday, was shot and killed as she and a male friend traveled eastbound on I-20 between the Tarbutton Road interchange and Tech Drive just after midnight Saturday morning. Ruston Police Chief Steve Rogers says one of the rounds entered the trunk and struck Newton. The male passenger was uninjured and steered the car off the road. Police have not yet identified a suspect.

The St. Aug Marching 100 is heading to Normandy, France. to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-day. School President Aulston Taylor says the students are excited and ready for this incredible journey.

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Bandmembers have also visited the WWII Museum to learn more about the significance of D-Day.