AM LRN Newscall May 29

Two of the four men who escaped the Tangipahoa Parish Jail over the Memorial Day weekend are still on the loose.  Sean Richardson has more.

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Louisiana is the first state to ban the sale of nitrous oxide. Mel Bridges has more.

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Thibodaux Representative Brian Fontenot’s bill that gives law enforcement and twenty-five-foot buffer from the public is signed into law.  Sean Richardson has the story.

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Two of the four inmates who escaped the Tangipahoa Parish jail this weekend are still at large.  19-year-old Omarion Hookfin and 20-year-old Jamarcus Cyprian are still at large. broke through a corroded piece of chain-link fence, crawled under an 8-inch gap in a wall, and scaled two razor-wire fences. Chief Jimmy Travis…

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Travis also says lack of supervision, inadequate head counts, manpower shortages, and insufficient experience and training as factors contributing to the escape.

Two of the four have been apprehended.

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Travis says they were turned away by family members and then were alerted by the family of their escape.

The two men are considered armed and dangerous.

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Travis says Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office accepts full responsibility.


Governor Jeff Landry signed legislation sponsored by Kenner Representative Joseph Stagni that makes Louisiana the first state to ban retail sale of nitrous oxide. Stagni says the law is in response to the abuse of nitrous oxide, which is on the market for food preparation, as a party drug.

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Nitrous oxide has a high chance for abuse due to its quick high and ease of access. Stagni says the law is meant to help tackle that by restricting the public’s ability to get their hands on it.

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Landry voiced his support for the law as he was signing it, saying…

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The law forbids retailers from selling nitrous oxide to individuals, not to those who need the drug for professional reasons such as dentists.


The Gator Scholarship program, an expanded version of school vouchers, is nearing final passage. The amended bill passed in the House on a 67-29 vote. Carencro Representative Julie Emerson presented the amendments in the House and says instead of phasing in a dollar amount annually…

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Emerson says the bill also amended the list of approved items of how the money can be spent on school-related expenses.

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And the allocation amounts were removed from the bill and Emerson says BESE will oversee that. She says they also added specific reporting requirements for BESE to present to the legislature annually.

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The amended bill returns to the Senate for final passage. Governor Jeff Landry, who’s expressed his support of the bill, is expected to sign the legislation.


Governor Jeff Landry signed a bill into law that would make it a crime to stand within 25 feet of a police officer after they order you to stand back. Bill author, Representative Brian Fontenot of Thibodeaux.

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Fontenot says that violence against police officers is on the rise.

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ACLU Policy Strategist Stephanie Willis says the legislation stops Louisianians’ ability to hold police accountable, impractical to enforce, and violates a citizen’s 1st amendment rights.

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Anyone who fails to stay at least 25 feet from law enforcement after being told to stay away could face up to 60 days in prison or a $500 fine under the new law.


Louisiana Tech is preparing to play Kansas State on Friday night in the Fayetteville Regional. Arkansas and Southeast Missouri will play in the first game of the Regional. Bulldogs Coach Lane Burroughs says there are connections between all four schools..

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Burroughs says the Wildcats will be a good test…

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Nicholls is in an NCAA Regional for a second consecutive season. Pitcher Jacob Mayers says seeing their name re-appear on the selection show was a thrill…

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Mayers says they have enough pitching to make a deep run in the Corvallis, Oregon Regional…

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