06:30 Newscast August 20, 2015

Planned Parenthood and its supporters will hold a rally this afternoon in front of the governor’s mansion to protest Governor Bobby Jindal’s decision to defund the organization. Planned Parenthood’s Raegan Carter says the governor’s decision will make it harder for over 5-thousand low income Louisianans to receive high quality affordable healthcare…

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Carter says Jindal’s reasoning is based upon fiction because Planned Parenthood did not sell the body parts of aborted fetuses as recent videos suggest.

Only five companies placed bids on 33 tracts in the western Gulf of Mexico during a federal oil lease sale in New Orleans. Louisiana Oil and Gas Association President Don Briggs says this is an indicator of how cautious companies are being…

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It’s the smallest lease sale in the Gulf off Texas since the federal government began regional sales in 1983.

In a recent study by WalletHub, Louisiana is the 7th worst state for women’s equality. The study looks at how women rank in terms of equality around economic issues, health issues, education, and political representation. Director of LSU’s Women Center, Summer Steib says in previous years, the state has ranked even worse…

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The WalletHub study ranked Louisiana 49th in the gap between male and female political representation and 49th in the pay gap between men and women.