LRN AM Newscall August 20th

A study from Wallethub shows Louisiana is the 7th worst state for women’s equality. Emelie Gunn has more…

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Planned Parenthood is rallying outside the governor’s mansion after Governor Jindal defunded the organization. Scott Carwile has more….

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Only five companies placed bids on 33 tracts in the western Gulf of Mexico during a federal oil lease sale in New Orleans. Michelle Southern reports…

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In a recent study by WalletHub, Louisiana is the 7th worst state for women’s equality. The study looks at how women rank in terms of equity around economic issues, health issues, education and political representation. Director of LSU’s Women Center, Summer Steib says in previous years, the state has ranked even worse.

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The WalletHub study ranked Louisiana 49th in the gap between male and female political representation. Steib says women in Louisiana have a hard time getting a foot hold in the political arena. The study also ranks Louisiana 49th in the pay gap between men and women. She says when it comes to economic issues impacting females, the state has a very high percent of women living in poverty.

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Steib says despite other low rankings, Louisiana did rank 20th in educational attainment, so we do have a lot of women going to college and receiving bachelor degrees. She believes we should start looking at what can advance women in the workplace and encourage them to run for political office.

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Planned Parenthood and its supporters will hold a rally this afternoon in front of the governor’s mansion to protest Governor Bobby Jindal’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood. Jindal ordered for the canceling of the Medicaid contract that the state has with the organization. Planned Parenthood’s Raegan Carter says the governor’s decision will make it harder for over 5-thousand low income Louisianans to receive high quality affordable healthcare.

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Carter says Jindal’s reasoning is based upon fiction because Planned Parenthood did not sell the body parts of aborted fetuses as recent videos suggest. She says many residents use Planned Parenthood as their primary care doctor and there is not a Planned Parenthood facility in the state that provides abortions….

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Gene Mills, president of the Louisiana Family Forum, says the seven videos released about Planned Parenthood are indefensible and he fully supports Governor Jindal’s defunding of the organization. Mills says many states are moving to do the same thing.

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Mills says clear thinking Americans are distancing themselves from the organization and those rallying, either don’t understand what Planned Parenthood does or are shameless supporters of abortion. He says there are only two Planned Parenthood facilities in the state and there are hundreds of service providers in Louisiana that offer the same health services that do not partake in the same activities.

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Opelousas Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Elbert Guillory says the use of the “N-word” in his television commercial is for educational purposes. The TV ad, which only ran in New Orleans, has former President Lyndon B Johnson saying the N-word after signing the Civil Rights Act. Guillory says many people believe the former Democratic President was a hero…

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Guillory is a black republican and the ad is an attempt to persuade blacks not to automatically vote for democrats. The state senator said on the Jim Engster Show he’s only heard from a few people who are upset about the commercial

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The only democrat in the Lt. Governor’s race is East Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden, who is also black. Guillory says blacks have mostly voted for democrats, but yet their race remains at the bottom of the economic ladder and this commercial featuring Johnson’s use of the “N” word should hit home for black voters

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Only five companies placed bids on 33 tracts in the western Gulf of Mexico during a federal oil lease sale in New Orleans. It’s the smallest lease sale in the Gulf off Texas since the federal government began regional sales in 1983. Louisiana Oil and Gas Association President Don Briggs says this is an indicator of how cautious companies are being..:

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The last lease sale in the same region of the Gulf brought in over $100 million dollars compared to Wednesday’s $23 million dollars. However Briggs says he’s very appreciative of these five companies for placing bids. He says the investment shows a continued commitment to the Gulf of Mexico despite hard times…:

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Briggs said with crude oil prices in the $40 range, the interest to invest dollars in the Gulf of Mexico is not as appealing as it was a year ago…:

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The Saints have another joint practice with the Patriots today and then the two teams will travel to New Orleans for a preseason game on Saturday night. Quarterback Drew Brees says the workouts are spirited and it brings out the best in both teams

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The 36-year-old Brees was asked again about the statement he made last year that he would like to play until he’s 45-years-old. Brees says he thinks he can do it, but it’s not a given in this game….

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LSU starting safety Jalen Mills reportedly miss four to six weeks after suffering an ankle injury during practice yesterday. Tiger Rag Editor Cody Worsham says Rickey Jefferson will likely replace Mills in the starting line-up and the injury will also give a couple of freshmen more playing time

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Worsham says the injury Mills could force him to miss the SEC opener at Mississippi State on September 12th

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