LRN Newscast 16:30 08-19-15

The National Hurricane Center predicts that Tropical Storm Danny will become the first hurricane of the 2015 season. Senior Hurricane Specialist Stacy Stewart says Danny has sustained winds of 50 miles per hour with higher gusts, but says the storm is expected to strengthen…
CUT 3 (07) “Lesser Antilles”
Even though they expect hurricane status on Friday, they also forecast a downgrade to Tropical Storm status by Monday.

TV stations across the state will start to air the first gubernatorial TV ad for Republican Senator David Vitter tomorrow, and U-L-M Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says the message we will see will be pretty clear….
CUT 7 (10) Q: “I’m your individual”
You can view the ad online now at davidvitter-dot-com.
A veteran enforcement agent supervisor from the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has been fired after threatening, racial and sexual text messages were found on his state issued phone. ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert says they examined the messages from Brette Tingle that showed he was not working, when he claimed he was, then they found more…
CUT 16 (09) Q: “threats”

The 26 member Common Core Review Committee had its first of six hearing today in Baton Rouge, and several people spoke in favor of the state’s current English and Math standards. But Sara Wood from Covington was not one of them…
CUT 13 (12) Q: “that addressed”
The committee has already received some 29 thousand online comments about Common Core.