LRN PM Newscall August 19

Beginning tomorrow, Republican US Senator David Vitter will hit the television airwaves with the first commercial of his gubernatorial campaign. Eric Gill reports…

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The White House announces President Obama will travel to New Orleans next week for the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Emelie Gunn has more…

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The National Hurricane Center predicts that Tropical Storm Danny will become the first hurricane of the 2015 season. Senior Hurricane Specialist Stacy Stewart says Danny has sustained winds of 50 miles per hour with higher gusts. He says the storm is expected to strengthen…

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Stewart says the five day forecast has Danny growing to near Category 2 hurricane strength with 90 to 95 mile per hour winds…

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He says they predict the storm will move past the northernmost Lesser Antilles and the Leeward Islands on Monday. Stewart suggests people look over their overall hurricane preparedness plans as we enter the peak time of hurricane season…

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Republican US Senator David Vitter is set to hit the television airwaves with the first commercial of his gubernatorial campaign. The spot will begin airing tomorrow, but is available to view now at davidvitter-dot-com. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says this move is a sign that Vitter is ready to campaign…

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In the ad, Vitter says he will improve education, cut government spending, and grow the state’s workforce as governor. Stockley thinks the overall message of the ad is pretty clear…

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Stockley says now that Vitter is on the airwaves, he expects the other candidates to kick their campaigns into gear. Stockley says election season is finally getting started…

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The White House announces President Barack Obama will travel to New Orleans on August 27th for the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. President Obama will join Mayor Mitch Landrieu to meet with residents in several neighborhoods that were rebuilt after being torn apart by Katrina.  Political Analyst Clancy Dubos says this visit shows the federal government remembers the tragedy and all the destruction that took place.

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Dubos says Obama will likely pump up New Orleans as a success story of recovery. He says there will be a mourning for those who lost their lives in Katrina but there will also be a huge celebration of how far the city has come.

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Dubos believes the president wants to call attention to all the good that’s been done. He says this will send a signal of hope to other areas in the country devastated by natural disasters that they can also recover.

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A panel created by the legislature to conduct a thorough review of the Common Core education standards and recommend changes, met for the first time today in Baton Rouge. During the public comment period, Common Core critic Kathryn Goppelt urged the 26-member review committee to take a hard look at the english and math standards that have created controversy in public classrooms

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The committee has received 29-thousand online comments regarding Common Core, many of those suggested keeping the English and math standards as they are now. But Sara Wood from St. Tammany Parish told the committee she is not one of those

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BESE member Jim Garvey of Metairie represents a district that features a lot of parents who oppose Common Core. Garvey had a simple message for the review committee, which has been asked to provide recommendations in February

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The Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has fired a veteran enforcement agent supervisor after threatening, racial and sexual text messages were found on his state issued phone. Commissioner Troy Hebert says they initially began investigating Brette Tingle on falsified payroll documents which said he was working when GPS showed he was home:

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Hebert says this type of behavior jeopardizes ATC’s credibility and will not be tolerated. He says they examined Tingle’s state-issued phone which showed text messages that proved he was not working while he claimed to be then that’s when they discovered very disturbing exchanges..:

cut 16 (09) “threats” 

Other reasons for the termination include unauthorized secondary employment, avoidance of discipline and lying to a supervisor. ATC notified Tingle 10 days ago about plans to release him. Hebert’s state vehicle was stolen at his home over the weekend and somebody apparently tried to set it on fire. He says it will be up to investigators to determine if the incident is connected to Tingle..:

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