4:30 LRN Newscast Sept 25

People are beginning to panic buy water upon the news that drinking water in southeast Louisiana could be in peril due to saltwater intrusion of the Mississippi River. Lieutenant General Russell Honore is also worried the saltwater could corrode pipes at oil refineries along the river. He says you can bring in bottled water and you can bring in desalination units…

Cut 8 (11) “…conserve water.”

Saint quarterback Derek Carr sprained his AC joint in Sunday’s game in Green Bay and head coach Dennis Allen says the team dodged a bullet in terms of how significant the shoulder injury could have been. Carr will continue to be evaluated daily before a decision is made on his return. The Saints lost to the Packers 18-17. The Saints play Tampa Bay at home on Sunday.


Tonight’s Powerball Jackpot is worth $785 million, with a cash value of $367 million. It’s the fourth-largest jackpot in the game’s history. We asked Dustin Annison with the Louisiana Lottery why we’ve had so many large jackpots recently. He says it’s all chance and they tend to come in cycles.

Cut 4 (11) “…the players.”

Tickets for tonight’s drawing must be purchased by 9 o’clock.

The statewide average for a gallon of regular gas in the Bayou State dropped below $3.40 to $3.36 a gallon. Triple-A fuel analyst Don Redman says currently, the statewide average price for a gallon of regular gas is down four cents from a week ago but higher than around this time last year.

Cut 9 (07) “…right now.” 

The average cost for regular gas in the nation today is $3.85.