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Saturday is the last day to register to vote for the October 14th gubernatorial primary. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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The editorial staff of the Times-Picayune and endorses Stephen Waguespack for governor. Brooke Thorington has his reaction and frontrunner Jeff Landry’s.

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UL Lafayette has seen an increase in the number of incoming freshmen for the third year in a row. A total of 3,066 first-time freshman students enrolled for the fall semester. Vice President of Enrollment DeWayne Bowie says this freshman class stands out for their overall academic achievement.

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The fall freshman class is the second largest since the university started selective admissions nearly two decades ago. Nearly 31 percent of the freshmen class are STEM majors with 15 percent enrolled in nursing and health sciences. Bowie touts the university’s reputation for its nationally recognized academic and research programs.

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The university’s overall enrollment is 19,056 – a one percent increase since last year. Bowie also points out that the retention rate for students is 76 percent.

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Tomorrow (Saturday) is the last day to register to vote for the October 14th primary. You can do so at and look for the voter portal. Deputy Secretary of State for outreach, Joel Watson, says two-point-nine million people are registered to vote in Louisiana, so most adults who are eligible to vote are registered

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Watson says if you recently moved, you have until Saturday night at 11:59 to update your address so you can vote in the correct precinct…

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One-point-one million people are registered as a Democrat, while just over one-million voters are registered as a Republican. Watson says the margin of registered Democrats versus Republicans is shrinking, while the number of other party voters is increasing…

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While Republican frontrunner Jeff Landry has the support of the state GOP behind him in the governor’s race, he failed to receive an endorsement from the editorial staff of the Times-Picayune and Landry says if they had endorsed him, it would have come as a shock…

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Former Louisiana Association of Business and Industry President and Republican Stephen Waguespack did get the nod from the media outlet. He says the endorsement mirrors what he’s hearing on the campaign trail.

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Despite not receiving the Times Picayune and endorsement Landry says he remains focused on moving the state forward…

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The endorsement of Waguespack noted his knowledge inside the political ring with LABI and work in Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration, but at the same time said he’s a political outsider. Waguespack agrees…

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We are 22 days away from the October 14th primary and early voting begins Saturday, September 30th.


63-year-old Greg Lawson of Ringgold who was convicted of attempted murder but fled during the trial more than three decades ago, has been captured in Mexico. Bienville Sheriff John Ballance says authorities received information on Lawson’s whereabouts which led to his capture.

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Lawson shot Seth Garlington after a dispute in a gas station parking. Garlington was shot but survived his injuries.

A Bienville grand jury indicted Lawson for attempted second-degree murder but Ballance says Lawson did not stick around for the verdict.

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The FBI received several leads into the cold case over the years but a tip earlier this month led authorities to Mexico. Ballance hopes Lawson’s capture will bring justice to his victim.

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