1:30 LRN Newscast Sept 6

The first televised debate of the 2023 governor’s race is tomorrow. Five of the candidates will appear, but the front-runner, Republican Jeff Landry, will not, because he says the Urban League, who’s the organizer, is bias towards Democrats. Rep Richard Nelson was not invited. Landry says one of his criteria to attend a debate is that all seven major candidates appear on stage…

Cut 10 (05) “…a whole”

That debate will air on WWL-TV in New Orleans.

First year West Monroe Football Coach Todd Garvin has been placed on administrative leave. KNOE TV Sports Director Aaron Dietrich says four players have been sent to the hospital suffering from heat exhaustion since Garvin took over in May…

Cut 14 (11) “…after practice”

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy was asked his thoughts on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s health after the Kentucky lawmaker appeared to freeze in front of the public on at least two occasions. The U.S. Capitol attending physician’s report says McConnell has not suffered a stroke or a seizure disorder. Cassidy is satisfied with the report.

Cut 7 (11) “…minority leader.” 

Margaritaville Singer Jimmy Buffett died as a result of Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC), a rare but aggressive form of skin cancer. LSU School of Medicine Oncologist Dr. Brian Boulmay suggests contacting your physician if you see a mole, freckle, or bump that is changing in size, shape, or color.

Cut 4 (11) “…be biopsied.”