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West Baton Rouge Parish is reeling over a fatal shooting at a high school football game. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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The 5th-ranked LSU Tigers did not do a good job last night and were trounced by 8th-ranked Florida State 45-24. Coach Brian Kelly’s team led 17-14 at halftime but F-S-U scored 31 unanswered points…

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The Republican Governor’s Association has released its first attack ad “Unless you drive a car” against the main Democrat in the governor’s race, Shawn Wilson. The R-G-A points out Louisiana’s infrastructure got worse, not better while under Wilson’s tenure as state transportation secretary

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That’s ULM political science professor Pearson Cross who says Wilson is expected to be in a run-off with the Republican front-runner Jeff Landry.

It’s Labor Day. So what does the labor market look like in Louisiana? University of Louisiana at Lafayette Economist Gary Wagner says construction, education, and health service sectors are leading the way. He says there’s also been an uptick in the oil and gas sector.

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Labor numbers show Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette are the strongest areas for employment.