LRN Newscast 14:30 07-31-15

Over 260 bills passed in this year’s legislative session will become law tomorrow. There are new punishments for revenge porn, and increased fines for littering and improper disposal of furniture and appliances, which could cost offenders up to 10 thousand dollars. Susan Russell is the Executive Director of Keep Louisiana Beautiful…
CUT 6 (07) Q: ‘to be enforced”

Two daycare centers in Louisiana have had their licenses revoked – one in Bossier City, and the other in Baton Rouge, where a staff member of Our Blessings Christian Daycare Learning Center was accused of leaving a 2 year-old child at a restaurant amusement venue and not telling the parents or the state…
CUT 14 (11) Q: ‘hasa license’
That’s State Superintendent of Education John White.
A study finds older adults that stop driving have an increased risk of health problems. Emelie Gunn has more on why…
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Three teens from Ragley and one 21 year-old man from Weslake have been arrested in Lake Charles for allegedly stealing 4 windows out of the Vietnam Memorial Helicopter on Lakeshore Drive. Reports say the four had to stage a climb up in the air to accomplish the theft. Lake Charles Police charged Regan Kirkman, Gabriel Jones, David Guillory and Forrest Moses with theft and criminal trespassing.