LRN AM Newscall July 27

SunGas Renewables will build a $2-billion green manufacturing facility in Central Louisiana. Brooke Thorington has more.

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With football season starting up again, sports betting will also be picking up. Michelle Southern has the story…

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The Louisiana Pardon Board has returned the clemency applications filed by death row inmates hoping Governor John Bel Edwards would commute their sentence to life without parole. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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The announcement of a green manufacturing facility coming to central Louisiana is welcome news.  SunGas Renewables will build a $2 billion facility in Pineville at the former International Paper Mill site. Louisiana Central President and CEO Jim Clinton says facility construction will create more than a thousand jobs.

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Pineville Mayor Rich Dupree says it’s a huge announcement for Central Louisiana and the City of Pineville for a piece of property he says has been dormant for close to 14 years.  He says SunGas Renewables is a $2-billion investment for the area…

Cut 5 (12)   “…marine fuels.”

It will be used by Denmark-based Maersk, the second-largest container shipping company in the world.

Dupree says landing SunGas Renewables is a collaborative effort among several organizations and the existing infrastructure and ports make the location ideal for the green methanol production facility.

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Construction is expected to begin in 2024 and the facility should open in 2027.


Louisiana Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns says Louisiana ranks top ten nationally for the amount of money wagered in legalized sports betting based on population size. Johns says they saw a bump in June thanks to LSU’s run to a College World Series championship…

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The state received one point seven million dollars in tax revenue for sports betting for the month. Sports betting became legal in 2022 and Johns says it’s been a popular activity for many….

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Twenty-five percent of the tax revenue from sports betting goes towards early childhood education, ten percent goes to local government and Johns says the rest goes to other projects and gambling addition programs…

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Alexandria Republican Representative Lance Harris announces his candidacy for District 5 of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Harris is term-limited and has served the last two years as chair of the House Education Committee.

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Harris referred to his experience with transparency and accountability for education and his efforts with parents’ rights in school systems.

Among the issues, Harris says he’ll focus on if elected is workforce development and improving literacy rates.

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Harris also believes the state needs to be more proactive in recruiting and retaining certified teachers in Louisiana. He says that includes compensation and reducing the burden placed on teachers.

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Current board member Ashley Ellis, who’s not seeking re-election, has endorsed Harris to be her successor.


The Louisiana Pardon Board has decided to return the clemency applications from 56 death row inmates hoping Governor Edwards would reduce their sentence to life in prison. Louisiana District Attorneys Association Director Loren Lampert says if the Pardon Board took up these petitions they would violate their own rules

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The rules say the Pardon Board can consider clemency petitions from death row inmates if the application was made within one year of their final appeal or if an execution date is approaching.

But the director of the Louisiana Capital Appeals Project, Cecelia Kappel, says what the Louisiana Pardon Board did is unprecedented. She says the board has a history of waiving its rules so death penalty clemency applications are heard

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The Louisiana Capital Appeals Project filed the applications for clemency after Governor John Bel Edwards announced his opposition to the death penalty. Kappel says the governor still has the authority to direct the Louisiana Pardon Board to review the cases

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But Lampert believes the Pardon Board’s decision to return the clemency petitions puts an end to any hope that these death row inmates can have their death sentences commuted to life in prison without parole. He says even the governor is powerless in this situation…

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For the Saints to get back to the playoffs, new starting quarterback Derek Carr will need to have a big year. Carr has been learning the offense since he signed his four-year deal with New Orleans in March and the vet understands the importance of his role…

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During the first day of training camp, Carr finally got to throw passes to wide receiver Michael Thomas during seven-on-seven drills. The Saints’ new Q-B has a lot of respect for Thomas…

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Anticipation is building for the LSU football season as the Tigers are set to report next week. Everyone always looks forward to seeing the newcomers, but Coach Brian Kelly told the Baton Rouge Rotary Club there are guys that have been on the roster for a while that are ready for a breakout season…

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SEC games are won in the trenches and Kelly likes what he has on the offensive and defensive lines….

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