09:30 LRN Newscast, June 29th

Governor Edwards has vetoed legislation some call the “Stay Back” bill; aimed at heading off bad encounters between police and citizens..:
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Heat index values could reach 115 today or higher. Dr. Jim Aiken is with the LSU Health Science Center in New Orleans…:
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Governor John Bel Edwards on his monthly call-in radio show discussed how he plans to restore last minute cuts made to the Department of Health. He also talked about the possibility of a veto override session…:
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To date, the governor has not vetoed any legislation pertaining to the transgender population.

If you still haven’t submitted a survey on damage from the 2020-2021 hurricanes, Restore Louisiana is holding outreach events to help out before the August 1st deadline. Representatives are on-site in Kenner today at the Martin Luther King Center. Community Development Director Pat Forbes many homeowners have still have not finished the first step.
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Homeowners can complete the survey at restore.la.gov.