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A south Louisiana lawmaker says the alligator population is booming and is asking L-D-W-F to look at what can be done to limit alligator and human interactions
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That’s Plaquemine Representative Chad Brown talking about his resolution that will be voted on by the Louisiana House.

Trina Edwards, the widow of former four-term governor Edwin Edwards, will tie the knot today with former longtime state lawmaker John Alario at a ceremony in New Orleans. During a recent appearance on Talk Louisiana with Jim Engster, Edwards said before the Cajun Prince passed away, they talked about her getting married again
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John Alario is 79 and Trina Edwards is 44-years-old. Trina has said she has a type.

Today marks the official start of the 2023 hurricane season. Mike Steele with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness says spend time this week making sure you are ready for the next storm…
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2022 was a very quiet season for Louisiana and after two straight hyper active seasons.

A study out of Tulane finds eight factors that put Black adults at a greater risk of early death. Black adults in the U-S have a 59-percent higher risk for premature death than White adults and lead author of the Tulane study Josh Bundy says socioeconomic factors play a major role in the Black-White difference…
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Bundy says other factors include martial status, food security, job quality and insurance status.