LRN AM Newscall March 1

The Lafayette-based biotech company – Tides Medical headquarter expansion will increase production and create additional jobs. Teiko Foxx has more…

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A Princeton University study indicates that climate change is behind the phenomenon of back-to-back major hurricanes. Brooke Thorington has more…

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A bill to grant Louisianans the right to carry a concealed weapon without a permit has been filed for the regular legislative session. Kevin Gallagher spoke with the bill’s author…:

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The Lafayette-based biotech company – Tides Medical is expanding its corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility. With a growing demand for amniotic skin substitutes, the $1.5M upgrade will increase nationwide productivity. Tides Medical CEO, Joe Spell, says the expansion will 77 retain jobs and create 40 new ones.

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Tides Medical manufactures and distributes natural skin solutions used to treat patients with difficult-to-heal wounds and medical skin trauma. Spell says innovative medical research improves health outcomes.

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Spell says the state offered a competitive incentives package that included a $200,000 performance–based grant.

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The company estimates the project will be complete by the end of this year.


Are back-to-back hurricanes a phenomenon or are they becoming the norm? A Princeton University study says they are becoming more routine, and the culprit is climate change. State Climatologist Barry Keim says it’s an interesting study and does make you think, especially in Louisiana…

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Keim says while the back-to-back hurricane patterns used to occur once every few decades, a trend of them happening more often has emerged.

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The primary reason this is possible, Keim says is because climate change is expected to turn more hurricanes into severe hurricanes, increasing both the size and reach of the hurricanes.

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With the likelihood of more major storms, that cover a greater area of the coastline, Keim says that increases the chances of following hurricanes impacting generally the same area.


A so-called “Constitutional Carry” bill has been filed for the legislative session that starts in April. Oil City Representative Danny McCormick says Louisianans may already “open carry” and forearm in plain view, provided they have no criminal record. His bill would extend that right to a concealed weapon…:

Cut 10 (08)  “…murderers and rapists.”

McCormick’s bill would simply exempt anyone over 18, with a clean criminal record, from the crime of illegally carrying weapons. Simply put concealed carry without a permit, which McCormick says is a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Critics say it will make Louisiana like the “wild, wild west”, but McCormick says that’s not so…:

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McCormick filed the same bill last year. It passed the House but was killed in the Senate when a member sought to amend it into a bill to arm school teachers. Will they seek to kill the bill again this year…?

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The legislature convenes on April 10th.


A Democrat announces he’ll run for State Treasurer of Louisiana this fall. He is 42-year-old Dustin Granger; a professional financial planner from Lake Charles. He says he wants to make the state better for future generations…:

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Granger says the state has wasted billions investing in an oil & gas economy that is in decline. He says the state should look to invest its revenues more wisely…:

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Granger says, as a financial advisor his job is to assure clients (quote) “have income for the rest of their lives.” He says, as Treasurer he would do the same for Louisiana…:

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Baton Rouge state Representative Scott McKnight, a Republican, is the only other announced candidate for State Treasurer so far. Granger’s website is “”