5:30 LRN Newscast Feb 28

East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore announces he’s not running governor. Moore, who is a registered Democrat, has served as Baton Rouge’s top prosecutor since 2008. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says it appears now that DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson will likely be the lone major Democrat in the race to replace outgoing Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards…”

Cut 10 (06) “…John Bel Edwards did.” 

LaSalle Parish school teacher Danny Cole also says he will run for governor as a Democrat. Wilson has not made an official announcement yet. He’s expected to sometime in March.

Internet outages continue to hinder Southeastern University. UL -System President Dr. Jim Henderson says they’ve identified the suspected cyber incident, and while the inability to communicate digitally is a major inconvenience, he says it could be much worse.

Cut 14 (10)   “…we follow.”

In Lake Charles, a ribbon cutting was held today for a 10-point-eight million dollar culinary, gaming and hospitality teaching center. Teiko Foxx has more…

Cut 1 (31)  “…I’m Teiko Foxx.”


And Firmin the crawfish received a pardon today from Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser. Since 2017 the life of one mudbug is spared annually in Louisiana in recognition of the season kickoff. The chosen crawfish is then allowed to retire and live out their remaining days at a state park and avoid a boiling pot of water. Viva la Firmin.