5:30 LRN Newscast Dec 5

A fight is brewing between state lawmakers, who passed a bill allowing telemedicine visits for medical cannabis prescriptions and the state Board of medical Examiners, who says doctors must first see the patient in-person. Gretna Representative Joe Marino is the law’s author. He says he wants the attorney general to make a ruling, because the current dispute hurts rural residents, who rely on telemedicine…:

CUT 05  (10)        “…smaller group.”

The Senate Health & Welfare committee will also discuss the disagreement this week.

The Secretary of State’s office predicts only about 15 percent of registered voters will cast a ballot in the December 10th election. Deputy Secretary of State Joel Watson says roughly 115-thousand of us cast early votes or voted absentee…:

CUT 06(09)      “…for the election.”


District 1 Congressman Steve Scalise says he’ll work on fixing the ever-rising cost of National Flood Insurance in his next term. FEMA’s “Risk Rating 2.0” rate formula has meant drastically high premium increases for thousands of Louisianans. Some had to just give it up. Scalise says the House passed a flood insurance reform bill years ago, but it was killed in the Senate. He aims to revive that bill…:

CUT 11(05)      “…and make it work.”

Look for hot and sweaty pre-Christmas weather for the next week at least. State Climatologist Barry Keim says afternoon highs will range from the 70’s, then the mid-60’s…then into the 80’s. The reason? Warm wet air from the Gulf…:

CUT 12(10)      “…entire state.”

Keim says the warm will be with us for about another week.