AM LRN Newscall Nov 1st

Data from the first five days of Louisiana Early Voting indicates black voters are “sitting this one out.” Kevin Gallagher has more…:

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A man in Arnaudville has been charged with negligent injury after attempting to shoot his neighbor’s dog. Whitney Thomas has more…

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Today marks the five-year anniversary of when Governor Edward’s Criminal Justice Reform and Justice Reinvestment legislation went into effect. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Early Voting for the November 8th election ends this afternoon, and it looks like low turnout among Louisiana’s black voters. Pollster John Couvillon, with JMC Analytics and Polling in Baton Rouge, says information collected through Saturday (the 29th) indicates only 24 percent of that was by black voters…:

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Couvillon says blacks make up just over 30 percent of Louisiana voters and most are Democrats. Historically, when Democrats have gotten out the vote in Early Voting, it led to victories for their party. In 2008, when Mary Landrieu and Barack Obama won in Louisiana by big margins, and in 2015 & 2019, when John Bel Edwards won both his terms in office…:

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Couvillon says when the black early vote slips below 25 percent, Republicans generally win substantially. He also notes that it’s possible we’ll see a surge among black voters when all the mail-in ballots are counted, as that’s become a “thing” since the pandemic made it necessary…:

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Couvillon says data indicates this could be a bad election cycle for Democrat candidates, but says anything can happen once all the votes are counted. The election is a week from today.


The St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s office has charged an Arnaudville man with negligent injury after deputies say he accidentally shot his neighbor while trying to shoot a dog. Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says 42-year-old Joshua Boudreaux shot at his neighbor’s dog after the dog came onto his property.

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After Boudreaux called in the incident, deputies reviewed his home security system and arrested him, setting his bond at $4,500. Guidroz says the neighbor was willing to make a deal with Mr. Boudreaux.

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Guidroz says Boudreaux told authorities the dog had been on his property multiple times and was concerned about the dog acting aggressively towards his son with disabilities, but the sheriff says there was no justification for him to shoot the dog. 

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 The neighbor was picking up trash when he was shot.


Five years ago, today Governor John Bel Edwards’ landmark legislation of Criminal Justice Reform and Justice Reinvestment went into effect. House Criminal Justice Chairman, Representative Joe Marino says, while it’s hard to tell how much the state has benefitted from the reforms, due to the pandemic, he believes it’s made a positive impact.

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Of the $152 million savings, Marino says $45 million went to the general fund, $18 million to juvenile justice, almost $18 million to the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement, $26 million to reentry programs, and almost $44 million into the back to the Department of Corrections.

And while critics of Criminal Justice Reform say it’s the cause of the recent spike in crime in Louisiana. Marino says the reforms addressed how the state treats non-violent offenders.

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When it comes to addressing the spike in juvenile crime, Marino says he thinks the legislature should pass similar reforms.

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Marino says the recidivism rate among criminals has also decreased and with parole officers having their caseloads reduced they are able to be more effective in redirecting offenders to a better path in life.


The LHSAA will allow Bogalusa High School to host a football game this Friday after originally saying they would have to be moved because of a fatal shooting outside of the stadium during their October 14th homecoming game. Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrette says they’ve assured all the schools in their district of a security plan that would prevent gun violence.

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Perette says the reversed decision was important for seniors and the team because they’re on a winning streak.

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Bogalusa high will be facing Albany this Friday, Perrette says she’s happy an agreement was reached.

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LSU coach Brian Kelly finds out what the LSU-Alabama rivalry is all about this Saturday when the 15th-ranked Tigers host the sixth-ranked Crimson Tide. Kelly has squared off against Nick Saban on two previous occasions and both times Bama beat Kelly while he was at Notre Dame. Kelly is looking forward to his first matchup with Saban as SEC rivals

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LSU has had the habit of starting games slowly this season, something they can not afford to do against Alabama. Kelly says over the last couple of weeks at practice, they’ve started physical contact drills earlier…

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Alabama has the reigning Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young and Kelly says once again he’s playing at a high level…

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Saints running back Alvin Kamara’s speech to his teammates following the loss to Arizona might have sparked the team’s performance on Sunday as they shut out the Raiders. Kamara urged his teammates to play with more swagger and that’s what happened against Las Vegas. Now he wants to see it for the rest of the season…

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Today is the NFL trade deadline, and Kamara’s name has come up in rumors, but he’s not paying attention to them…

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