2:30 LRN Newscast Oct 31

The record low level of the Mississippi River may be making for some cool sightseeing for folks, but it’s having some negative economic impacts. Barges have to limit their loads so they don’t sit too deep and that limits commerce from cargo. And then there’s the threat of saltwater intrusion from the Gulf.  LSU Center for River Studies director Clint Wilson says there’s not a lot we CAN do about, but hope for more rain. However he says the forecast is for a drier-than-average winter…:

CUT 05  (05)        “…snow events.”

60-percent of U.S. agriculture exports go down the Mississippi.

Congressman Clay Higgins is taking some flak for posting a joke about the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband last week. The joke appeared on Twitter but was taken down a short time later. UL-Monroe political science professor Pearson Cross says, given Higgins’ history, it comes as small surprise…:

CUT 09  (09)        “…like this one.”

The joke alluded to Paul Pelosi’s attacker being a “nudist hippie male prostitute.”


Have an iPhone? Apple’s latest operating system, 16.1, is out. Haggai Davis, tech expert with General Informatics in Baton Rouge, says one of the first things you’ll notice is a change to your iPhone’s “lock screen’…:

CUT 13  (12)        “…to you now.”

An Arnoudville man is under arrest; accused of shooting his neighbor in the leg while trying to shoot the man’s dog. 42-year-old Justin Boudreaux was charged with negligent injuring and illegal use of a weapon. Boudreaux says the dog is aggressive and had threatened his child, so he wasn’t tolerating it in his yard anymore. The bullet missed the dog and ricocheted off concrete; hitting the neighbor, who will recover.