5:30 LRN Newscast Oct 6

A day after launching his bid to be the next governor of Louisiana. Attorney General Jeff Landry spoke with Jeff Palermo about his campaign…

Cut 1 (30)  “…I’m Jeff Palermo.”

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says the U-S Department of Commerce is sending 300-thousand dollars to his tourism department so that the state can use those funds to promote Louisiana as a travel destination in three specific international markets…Madrid, Milan, and Mumbai…

Cut 7 (06) “…or state.”
Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture Mike Strain says he has been meeting with USDA officials on how to create a better mechanism for farmers to receive assistance when they’re impacted by natural disasters, because disaster funding is handled differently each time for farmers. He says there needs to be a standard mechanism in place.

Cut 10 (10) “…of parishes” 

According to Dr. Loren Scott’s economic outlook, he believes there will be a national recession in the first to third quarter of 2023, but Louisiana should be able to weather the storm due to expected job growth. He says the recession

will be relatively short because the federal reserve has to do something to curb our current inflation.

Cut 14 (10)  “…into a recession.” 


And after that he expects Louisiana will see a growth of some 31-thousand jobs.