2:30 LRN Newscast August 31

August is ending with no named tropical storm or hurricane for the first time since 1997. As a matter of fact there hasn’t been a named storm since early July, and that hasn’t happened since 1941. State Climatologist Barry Keim says dust from the Sahara desert in Africa has contributed to the quiet storm season so far…:

CUT 10  (09)        “…air layer.”

The peak of the season comes in about two weeks, and Keim says that’s abundant time for a big one to develop.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help to find a man who disappeared nearly 33 years ago. Investigators say Robert Fulton Browning was last seen walking away from his home on November 27th 1989 after an argument. Deputy Glenn Springfield says they are hoping to find new information to lead them to Browning…:

CUT 03(06)      “…in the case.”


A woman was killed Tuesday at Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, when her hair got tangled in a baggage conveyor. 26-year-old Jermani Thompson was transported to a nearby hospital, where she later died. She worked for GAT Airline Ground support, and was off-loading an airliner.

An East Carrol Parish group called Delta Interfaith is trying to keep some internet providers from derailing broadband expansion…:

CUT 01(33)      “…Thorington.”