10:30 LRN newscast

The Louisiana Oyster industry made headlines this week after two deaths in Florida were linked to raw oysters from the Bayou State. Oyster Task Force Chairman Mitch Jurisich (ger ah sich) confirms the oysters involved were from Louisiana, and an investigation is underway.
Cut 10 (10) “…our business.”
A bacteria called Vibrio can cause illness and deaths for people who consume raw oysters. The bacteria thrives when the water is warm.

The Louisiana Department of Health reports 127 confirmed monkeypox cases. State Health Officer Doctor Joe Kanter says 95-percent of the cases have been with men having sex with men. Nearly 60-percent are among Black Louisianans.
Cut 13 (07) “…growing outbreak.”

Legislative leaders are putting together a Capitol Security Police agency to provide security for the state capitol building. Currently, security in and around the Capitol is handled by the House and Senate sergeant of arms offices, Capitol Police, and by the Department of Public Safety. Senate President Page Cortez says those varying agencies don’t always communicate or coordinate well with each other…:
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Cortez says they plan to have the police force in place by the start of the 2023 legislative session in April.

A viral video of a trainer shoving a dog head’s down down to the ground has resulted in two arrests in Rapides Parish. Chief of Staff of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office Tommy Carnline says 52-year-old Tina Frey and her daughter, 21-year-old Victoria Brimer turned themselves in on Thursday…
cut 3 (10) “…by any trainers”
Frey is the owner of the Cypress Arrow and Kennel K-9 academy in Lena.