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An investigation into the deaths of two people in Florida, linked to Louisiana oysters is underway. The oyster industry anxiously awaits the results. Brooke Thorington has more.
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The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s office has arrested a mother and her daughter on animal cruelty charges as a result of viral videos that showed suspected animal abuse at the Cypress Arrow Kennel and K-9 Academy in Lena. 52-year-old Tina Frey is the owner of that facility and she is now facing felony charges and so is her 21-year-old daughter, Victoria Brimer.

Legislative leaders are moving forward with plans to create a Capitol Security Police Agency to provide enhanced security at the State Capitol. Senate President Page Cortez says the January 6th 2021 riot at the nation’s capitol illustrated the need, but the concept is not new…
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Separate security teams currently protect the State Capitol, but Cortez says a police force of about two dozen officers would be more appropriate.

The Biden Administration says the Inflation Reduction Act signed by the President this week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40-percent…..
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That’s Joshua Basseches, who is a Tulane University expert on climate change policy. He says the new law’s success will depend on how states decide to move away from fossil fuels to take advantage of clean energy incentives.