7:30 LRN newscast

The Louisiana Oyster industry made headlines this week after two deaths in Florida were linked to raw oysters from the Bayou State. Oyster Task Force Chairman Mitch Jurisich (ger ah sich) confirms the oysters involved were from Louisiana, and an investigation is underway.
Cut 10 (10) “…our business.”
A bacteria called Vibrio can cause illness and deaths for people who consume raw oysters. The bacteria thrives when the water is warm.

The Louisiana Department of Health reports 127 monkeypox infections statewide and 95-percent of the patients are males….
cut 14 (11) “….spread of this outbreak”
State Health Officer Doctor Joe Kanter says they will do more community vaccination events.

More than $36 million in state tax returns are due to be turned over to Unclaimed Property, but the Louisiana Department of Revenue says you can claim that money from them now. Spokesman Byron Henderson says they’ve sent 20-thousand letters to individuals and businesses…:
CUT 27(09) “…August 18th.”
If the state tax returns are not claimed by October sixth, they will be turned over to the state’s Unclaimed Property Program.

A Tulane University expert on climate change policy says the actual impact of the new inflation reduction act will depend on what happens much closer to home than in Washington DC. Joshua Basseches (rhymes with passages) says individual states have a lot of authority over how electricity is regulated.
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