2:30 LRN Newscast August 19

The federal Inflation Reduction Act has been signed into law by President Biden, and only one Louisiana congressman voted for it. That’s District 2’s Troy Carter, who says the legislation has billions to promote green energy and reduce carbon emissions. He says the bill will lower energy costs, while minding the environment…:

CUT 04  (07)        “…this is it.”

The state’s Unclaimed Property fund is set to receive over $436-million state tax refunds, unless they’re claimed soon. Department of Revenue spokesman Byron Henderson says that can happen for a variety of reasons; like a change of address. He advises you get in touch with LDR to see in you have refund money before October. After that it goes to Unclaimed…:

CUT 08  (09)        “…personal property.


For those who’ve been nervous about getting COVID shots because of the novel nature of the Pfizer and Moderna formulas…you can now get Novavax COVID shots, which are a more conventional type of protein subunit vaccine.                The FDA has approved Novavax for person 18 and older. They’re available at LSU Health Shreveport, and soon will be most everywhere else.

To help with the ongoing teacher shortage, a new law allows retired Louisiana-certified teachers to return to the classroom, keep their retirement, and draw full pay.  President of the Louisiana Association of School Superintendent Mike Faulk says it affects teachers who retired from 2010 to June 30, 2020. He says the number who’ve elected to do that so far is not very high, and the response has been better in cities than in rural areas…:

CUT 14(08)      “…advantage of it.”

He says retired teachers interested should contact their retirement system.