11:30 LRN Newscall August 12

There’s a tropical wave just off the Louisiana coast so keep that umbrella handy. LRN Meteorologist John Wetherbee says some of the heaviest rains will be in New Orleans today, then up to Baton Rouge, and then westward towards Lake Charles…:

CUT 10(08)      “…10-percent chance.”

Wetherbee says models are suggesting this will continue to be a rainmaker for Louisiana coastal areas, as it moves off toward Texas.

The fentanyl overdose death of a Baton Rouge toddler in June is sadly one of 22 juvenile homicides in East Baton Rouge Parish this year. Coroner Dr. Beau Clark says it’s troubling to say the least…:

CUT 15(05)      “…that are dying.”

Child homicides are up over virtually all of Louisiana.


Two Mississippi armed robbery suspects led lawmen ion a high speed chase through three parishes this morning. State Troopers first attempted to pull the suspect vehicle over in East Baton Rouge Parish, chased them across the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge into West baton Rouge, and they eventually crashed the car in Pointe Coupee parish. Both men are now in custody. No innocents were hurt in the chase.

There’s much anticipation to see how LSU will perform on the field with Brain Kelly at the helm. All eyes are on how his first recruiting class is shaping up. Tiger Rag Assistant Editor William Weathers says what appeared to be a slow start for Kelly has picked up steam and is now ranked 6th in the nation…:

CUT 13(09)      “…right now.”