LRN AM Newscall July 31

Starting today the I-10 Atchafalaya Basin is officially designated as a highway safety corridor. Jeff Palermo on what that means….

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Entergy Louisiana says they’re not “gouging” ratepayers, and wish to set the record straight. More from Kevin Gallagher…:

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Looking to save money on back-to-school shopping? Research says putting down that coffee could help you save a buck. Erik Piccoli has the story…

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Starting today, speeding fines are doubled on the I-10 Atchafalaya Basin Bridge if motorists are caught going above the 60 mile per hour speed limit for vehicles and 55 miles per hour for commercial trucks. State Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson says in 2023 speed cameras will be installed to track drivers…

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In June Governor John Bel Edwards signed a law that designates the 18-mile Atchafalaya Basin as a highway safety corridor. Wilson says the legislation also calls for signage restricting trucks to the right lane and eight sets of speed limit signs…

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There were over 200 crashes that resulted in two deaths and nearly 100 injuries on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge last year. Senate President Page Cortez says that’s double the number than 20 years ago as distracted driving and speeding become more common. Wilson says the goal of the beefed up enforcement and higher fines is get people to slow down…

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Entergy Louisiana President Phillip May wants to clear up some of what he calls “misconceptions” about high energy bills, and what the utility is doing to help. May says the cost of producing electricity has risen sharply as record-high inflation grips the country…:

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May says those high costs are coupled with high customer usage in the summer heat. He says Entergy understands how burdensome it can be for some folks to afford their utility bill…:

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May says electricity costs have risen sharply all over the U.S., and Entergy is not “gouging” its customers. Still, many customers are angry with storm assessments Entergy has added to their bills. He says they have little choice, if they hope to recoup their storm-related losses…:

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May says storm assessments for Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008 will come off customer bills starting today.


A new study conducted by the LSU Department of Marketing along with researchers from other Universities has found that caffeine could lead to greater consumer spending. Associate Professor Courtney Szocs says drinks like espressos, coffee and tea impacted not only the degree of spending but also the types of products…

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These high hedonic products include buttery, salty popcorn; chocolate candy; luxury vacations along with any other items that induce a state of extreme excitement and energy. Szocs says that one should be mindful of what time they consume that caffeinated beverage in order to avoid making that unnecessary purchase…

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Research shows that about 85% of American consumers have at least one caffeinated beverage a day making the chances of purchasing high hedonic relatively common. Szocs says that if one is trying to save a buck on back-to-school shopping this year they ought to put down that coffee and pick up some water…

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A number of new laws passed in the 2022 Legislature go into effect today. One will require all law enforcement officers in the state to be trained in how to recognize signs of human trafficking. Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell brought the bill, and says it’s apparent the training is needed, and it will now be required for all LEO’s employed a year or more…:

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Law enforcement has known for some time the I-10/I-12 corridor is a pipeline for human sex trafficking. Mizell says it can easily go unnoticed, especially in places or events with large crowds, but the problem is also very bad in Louisiana’s small towns as well. She says it coincides with the illegal drug trade…:

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The new law will mandate training for officers in how to spot the telltale signs that a person is a victim of trafficking, so they can take appropriate action. Mizell says the law also requires state and local law enforcement agencies to regularly report on training compliance and progress…:

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The pads come on for the first time today at Saints training camp. Through the first four days of camp, the defense has performed better than the offense. Saints wide receiver Jarvis Landry says the defense is competing at a high level

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Landry says the defensive secondary has a lot of depth and they are versatile…

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Saints running back Mark Ingram is competing in his 12th NFL training camp. At the age of 32 he’s the NFL’s second oldest running back…

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