LRN AM Newscall July 1

Cooking out for the 4th of July will cost more this year. Brooke Thorington has more on what you can expect to pay.

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Now that Governor Edwards is done signing and/or vetoing bills, will lawmakers seek to override any of his vetoes? Kevin Gallagher has more…:

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Has the Power 5 been shrunken to the Super 2? David Grubb has the story on the major shakeup in college sports…

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Cooking out for the 4th of July will cost more this year. Louisiana Farm Bureau spokesperson Avery Davidson says each year the American Farm Bureau Federation surveys grocery stores across the country for the average price of burgers, pork chops and all the fixings.

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But in the southeast the average price of a cookout for ten is $64.31.

Davidson says that breaks down to just under $7 per person but it’s still a sizeable increase from last year. On the bright side he says the cost of strawberries, sliced cheese and potato chips are down from last year, however…

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He says the reasons for the increase in prices are supply chain issues, the war in Ukraine and gas prices.

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And while food prices are higher, Davidson says there’s a common misconception that farmers are making more. He says on average on eight cents from each dollar spent makes it back to your local farmer.


Governor Edwards has vetoed over 20 bills passed by state lawmakers during the recent regular legislative session. Now, the question is “will lawmakers convene a veto override session?” House Speaker Clay Schexnayder says state law requires House & Senate members to vote NOT to have one, otherwise they are scheduled automatically. He says ballots for that vote went out this week…:

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Schexnayder says some are ready to have one, after the Governor ended bills that would have sent state education dollars to private or homeschooled students who read below their grade level…barred discrimination based on one’s vaccination status…stiffened penalties for killers of cops or first responders and others. He also says there are member who are not anxious for another special session…:

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Lawmakers must return the ballots sent to them by the 11th. Schexnayder says a simple majority of members voting NOT to convene will cancel the override session. He says the House & Senate are also aware of the money already spent this year on legislative actions…:

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Schexnayder says he would prefer to have the override session, but he’ll abide by the will of members. He says vetoed bills can be revisited next year.


Operation Dry Water begins Friday and wraps up on Independence Day. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries spokesperson Adam Einck says it’s their annual enforcement of state waterways looking for impaired operators of vessels. He says while alcohol and open containers are allowed while on the water…

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Einck says what’s traditionally an enjoyable pastime for the 4th can quickly turn tragic when an impaired operator is on the water.

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In addition to looking for impaired operators this weekend, Einck says agents are also encouraging boaters to have the correct number of life jackets and that they are Coast Guard approved. And if you are caught impaired and operating a boat it can be costly.

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A first offense DWI carries a $300 to $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail.


In a move that will reverberate throughout the world of college athletics USC and UCLA, two of the most storied programs in the country, are preparing to leave the PAC-12 for the Big Ten as early as 2024. NYU Sports Law professor and co-host of the Conduct Detrimental podcast, Dan Lust, says this probably spells the end of the so-called “Power 5.”

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Lust says the SEC’s move to poach Texas and Oklahoma from the Big 12 last year certainly pushed the Big Ten to make a counter of its own. Now it adds the nation’s second-largest television market to its roster just before it finalizes a new television deal with Fox and raises its level of competition within the league.

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Lust says that he expects more dominoes to fall as other conferences scramble to remain viable against these two juggernauts. One of the biggest could be on the national level as the notion of amateurism in collegiate athletics, which took a major hit from the emergence of NIL, will be tested by players who see the money changing hands and ask for their fair share.

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The New Orleans Pelicans introduced rookies Dyson Daniels and EJ Liddell to the media on Thursday. With a roster loaded with players looking for minutes, head coach Willie Green says it’s a great problem to have.

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Dyson Daniels, a 6-foot-7 inch point guard, was the team’s top choice heading into the draft according to GM Trajan Langdon. Daniels says he can help the team in a number of ways, starting on the defensive end.

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The Pels were surprised that EJ Liddell was still available when they took him with the 41st pick. Liddell says his competitiveness is his greatest asset and New Orleans is the perfect fit.

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