12:30 LRN Newscast June 30

GOHSEP launches a program to help Hurricane Ida survivors who have exhausted all their avenues in recovery but still need assistance. The is website GetAGamePlan.org then forward slash Ida-D-C-M-P.   That stands for Disaster Case Manage Spokesperson Mike Steele says there’s a reason it wasn’t set up sooner as to give insurance companies time to answer claims.

Cut 4  (11) “…things out.”

Construction is underway on the second phase of elevating LA 1 in Lafourche Parish. Executive Director of the project Henri Boulet says storm surge from hurricanes and tropical storms can sometimes close the highway for several days, costing the U-S millions of dollars in oil and gas production.

Cut 11 (08)  “..generations to come” 

Despite increased costs for…well, everything, Independence Day holiday travel is predicted to be HUGE. More from Kevin Gallagher.

Cut 2 (34) “…I’m Kevin Gallagher.”