8:30 LRN Newscast

What are the many impacts from the U-S Supreme Court’s ruling that reveres Roe versus Wade which makes abortion illegal in Louisiana? Michelle Erenberg, co-founder of Lift Louisiana, believes that without safe and legal abortions in Louisiana, the state will see more women and children living in poverty…
cut 5 (12) “….rippling impacts”

Lt. Governor Bill Nungesser is in Alaska for the annual meeting of the Aerospace States Association. Fifteen states with connections to the aerospace industry are represented at the conference, starting today at the Pacific Space Port Complex on Kodiak Island. Nungesser says he was one of only handful of state Lt. Governors invited…:
Cut 10 (08) “…opportunities for Louisiana.”

Republican House Speaker Clay Schexnayder made it official over the weekend by announcing he’s running for Lt. Governor next year. Schexnayder made the announcement in New Orleans while speaking at the Farm Bureau Convention. Incumbent Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser is expected to run for governor.

For the past 45 years, Louisiana adults over the age of 24 have been denied access to their original birth certificates, but that ends on Aug. 1. David Grubb has the story…
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