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The state’s three abortion clinics are not expected to open their doors today following Friday’s historic ruling by the U-S Supreme Court that reverses Roe versus Wade, giving power to the states to outlaw abortion.

Co-founder of the advocacy group Louisiana Lift says the inability to have an abortion in Louisiana will have rippling effects. Brooke Thorington has more
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Governor Edwards is in self-isolation. He announced on Friday that he tested positive for COVID, but is not experiencing any symptoms.

Governor Edwards has signed a bill into law that would allow adopted individuals to obtain a copy of their birth certificate once they reach the age of 24. Rosepine Representative Charles Owen is the author of the legislation that changes a 1977 law that kept adoptees in the dark about the their first days of life…
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Opponents of the legislation expressed concern that women might not want to give their child up for adoption, if they know their biological child could reach out to them 24 years later.

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser is in Alaska for the Aerospace States Association annual meeting. The Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans East is owned by NASA and Nungesser says the conference will discuss workforce development, public-private partnerships in aerospace and optimal use of aerospace facilities…
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The Michoud facility has been producing blades for wind farms.