8:30 LRN newscast

Emotions are running high after yesterday’s historic ruling from the U-S Supreme Court that overturned Roe versus Wade, which leaves it up to the states to determine if it should be legal. As a result of a trigger law in place in Louisiana, the state’s three abortion clinics closed yesterday, canceling hundreds of appointments. New Orleans Representative Aimee Freeman says she worries for the future of young women…
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Pro choicers say yesterday’s ruling reduces women’s healthcare options, Gene Mills the President of the Louisiana Family Forum feels differently…
cut 8 (12) “…in Louisiana”

Shell is investing 27-million dollars in LSU and the money will go towards establishing the Institute for Energy Innovation. The Institute will conduct research into providing reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible energy. LSU President William Tate says it’s the university’s largest gift ever from a for-profit corporation
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Shell says the investment will help develop lower-carbon energies and technologies.

Triple-digit high temperatures are expected across most of Louisiana today. State Climatologist Barry Keim says rain chances will increase on Monday, which should provide a break from this record setting heat…
cut 15 (13) “….we see every summer”