LRN PM Newscall April 15

The Louisiana Senate has passed legislation that addresses the teacher shortage by allowing retired teachers to return to the classroom without losing their benefits. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon cracks down on negligent providers following 2020 hurricanes. David Grubb has more…

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As churches prepare for Easter services this Sunday, large crowds are anticipated as this will be the first Easter since pandemic restrictions have been relaxed. LSU Chair of Religious Studies Dr. Michael Pasquier (Pass-kay) says parishioners could experience a sense of normalcy this Easter.

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Pandemic restrictions and a general reluctance for some to attend large gatherings during the pandemic have decreased attendance at some churches along with tithings. Pasquier expects this Sunday the offering plate could be heavier than in years past with more people in the pews.

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Pasquier feels this Easter will be a memorable one as churchgoers are able to enjoy how the religious holiday was traditionally celebrated once again.

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State police arrest a 60-year-old man for negligent homicide because he was distracted by his phone and crashed, claiming one life and injuring another. Trooper Kate Stegall says it happened February 27th along the Clearview Parkway exit on I-10 in Metairie. She says the victims were outside their cars discussing a crash between their vehicles when Manuel Llorens approached.

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Stegall says they are seeing more and more drivers distracted by their cellphones and causing serious crashes. She says it takes an average of four and a half seconds to read and respond to a message on your phone.

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Stegall implores drivers to place their phone where it’s inaccessible or silence the phone when driving so they aren’t tempted to respond. She says even eating while driving can be distracting.

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49-year-old Chad James of Thibodaux was killed in the February crash.


The full Senate has approved a bill that would allow certified teachers who retired before July 1, 2020, to return to the classroom without losing their state retirement benefits. Senate Education Chairman Cleo Fields says he’s trying to alleviate a teacher shortage…

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State Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley says the state is short about 25-hundred certified public school teachers. Fields says under his bill a retired teacher would have to wait 12 months before returning and local school districts would have to identify a critical shortage…

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Bossier City Senator Barrow Peacock successfully amended the bill so that colleges can also re-hire retired nursing instructors over the age of 62 and with at least 30 years of service…

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Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon announced today that five homeowners insurance providers are facing fines of more than three-quarters of a million dollars based on their business practices in the aftermath of hurricanes Laura, Delta, and Zeta.

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The companies; United Property & Casualty, GeoVera, FedNat, Maison, and Allied Trust, were found to have 44 instances of practices noncompliant with state code, with one common thread for all five.

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Donelon says LDI takes its responsibility to protect consumers very seriously and is seeking additional oversight of insurance providers to ensure that homeowners are getting the protection they pay for.

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If you have questions, concerns, or complaints about your provider, go online to or call 800-259-5300.