LRN AM Newscall April 14

Be on the lookout for new political ads urging public support for getting a new Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge under construction. More from Kevin Gallagher…:

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Loading your Easter basket with Elmer Candy is a  longstanding tradition. David Grubb has the latest from the local confectionary as the holiday weekend approaches.

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Two bills to ensure the safety of nursing home patients during natural disasters pass unanimously in Senate Health and Welfare. Brooke Thorington has more.

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West Baton Rouge Parish Senator Rick Ward has a new 30-second TV ad and short video out; urging public support for funding a new I-10 Mississippi River bridge at Baton Rouge. The Port Allen Republican says the billion in one-time federal money is coming to the state from the Infrastructure Law, for the pandemic, and for recent disasters. He says $500-million needs to be earmarked ONLY for the bridge, and other infrastructure projects. And if those who see the video agree…:

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Ward has been quite vocal on the need to allocate funds and build a third bridge in the Capital Region. His video urges taxpayers to contact their local senator and representative to stress the desire to fund the project. Ward says the temptation for lawmakers to squander all that federal money on pet projects is great..:

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Ward’s message can be seen as a TV ad in cities across the state, but he says it is also available for viewing on social media…:

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Traffic congestion in Baton Rouge is ranked as one of the worst bottlenecks in the U.S. Ward says a third bridge is badly needed to allow some traffic to bypass the city and alleviate traffic jams. He worries legislators will miss out on a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get it done.


Ponchatoula-based candy maker Elmer has been producing sweets for nearly two centuries, but 2022 has presented some challenges as the company ramped up for Easter, says CEO Rob Nelson.

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Nelson says the company worked overtime to make and distribute its delicious wares. Even if the supply is a little light this Easter season, the demand has remained high.

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Though taste is a very personal thing, most candy lovers have a favorite treat. Which Elmer confection is the most popular? Nelson says it’s a two-horse race.

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Two bills to ensure the safety of nursing home patients during natural disasters pass unanimously in Senate Health and Welfare. Senate Bill 33 requires all long-term care facilities to have generator power. Mark Berger, Executive Director of the Louisiana Nursing Home Association says while most facilities have generators large enough to support their heating and cooling systems…

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The generator must be permanently installed and large enough to power the life safety systems, electrical components of the water and sewer systems, medication and refrigeration systems, heating and cooling, and other specific functions of the facility. They must also have enough fuel to support the generator for at least seven days. Berger estimates approximately 25 facilities do not meet standards in outlined in the bill.

If a nursing home facility fails to comply with the new generator standards, St. Martin Parish Senator Fred Mills’ bill could result in loss of certification from the department of health.

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The generator legislation, along with Senate Bill 167 which tasks the State Fire Marshal’s Office with the inspection of nursing home evacuation plans was created after 15 patients died during a mass evacuation to a warehouse in Tangipahoa Parish during Hurricane Ida. Covington Senator Patrick McMath applauds the bill.

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State Marshal Butch Browning also addressed lawmakers and voiced his support of Senator Kirk Talbot’s bill in which his office would be tasked with reviewing and inspecting annual evacuation plans.

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Both bills advance to the Senate.


When Monroe Senator Stewart Cathey, Jr. introduced Senate Bill 93 to members of Governmental Affairs Wednesday, he warned them his bill could metamorphosis into divisive legislation.

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Cathey told committee members that the Gulf Fritillary (frit-ah-lar-ee) is the only butterfly indigenous to the Bayou State. Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt expressed relief knowing that other butterflies would not flutter to unseat the Gulf Fritillary’s designation due to its native status.

Cathey impressed his colleagues with his expanding vocabulary.

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During his introduction, Cathey told lawmakers the bill had been molting for some time because it’s part of a campaign promise he made years ago.

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Hewitt along with other committee members approved the bill and it flies to the Senate.


When Mike Denbrock was hired as LSU’s offensive coordinator, he knew he had some work to do trying to turn around a team that finished 11th in the SEC in yards and 12th in points last season. The Tigers were a bit overwhelmed at the start of spring practices, but Denbrock says everyone has started to adjust to where the bar has been set.

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Coach Brian Kelly has always been demanding of his quarterbacks, and Denbrock said that for this group it’s been like drinking from a fire hose at times, though he sees the traits he’s looking for from the next leader of the LSU attack.

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