8:30 LRN Newscast January 19

Another blast of cold winter weather is coming our way. Is there snow, sleet or freezing rain in our future? Kevin Gallagher has more…:
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Officials say four people were killed in an overnight house fire in Slidell. Very few details are known at this time.

St. Martinvile Police have made an arrest after a burnt human body and a dog were discovered by officers in the debris of a burned building. The suspect has been identified as Randal Romero and he’s been booked into the St. Martin Parish Jail.

Americans are able to order four free at-home COVID tests by providing their name and shipping address at COVIDtests-dot-gov. LSU Health New Orleans Chair of Genetics Doctor Lucio Miele says better access to home tests is vital…
cut 13 (08) “…limited worldwide”
Miele says you should only use a home test if you have symptoms and advises if you test negative to retest again in a few days because the rapid test has a high false-negative rate.

We’ve all heard of or even experienced a situation in which a homeowners association enforces its rules with one resident and not another leaving the homeowner with few options. Mandeville Representative Paul Hollis has filed legislation for the upcoming session that would limit an HOA’s authority….
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Hollis found himself in a situation with his HOA that prevented him from erecting a fence to protect his children from a neighbor’s webcam.