3:30 LRN Newscast Jan 17

The estranged husband of a Slidell woman who was dismembered and her body stuffed in a freezer is calling on the justice system to hold the accused killer without bail. More from Jeff Palermo…:

CUT 02(27)      “…Jeff Palermo.”

Faced with a severe shortage of substitute teachers, Caddo Parish schools are asking parents to step and take on that role. The lack of available instructors is caused largely by the COVID pandemic, but also by a general shortage of available help. Caddo parents who want to help are urged to contact the school system.


A Baton Rouge Fire Department arson investigator shot a naked, unarmed man who was trying to break into his FDBR vehicle – which had a gun inside. The investigator says, if not for the gun inside, he’d not have used force to stop the man. Why the man was trying to get into the vehicle … and why he was nude … are matters for the investigation.

Physicians say, if you are experiencing COVID symptoms to assume you have the virus and stay home. It might not be COVID but Dr. Lucio Miele (MEE-lay), with LSU Health New Orleans, says if you test negative with a home test, you’re not out of the woods just yet…:

CUT 03(12)      “…a bad idea.”

Miele says the PCR test is more accurate, but it takes several days to receive results. To order a package of four at-home tests, go online to “COVIDtests.gov.”