4:30 LRN Newscast Jan 17

The entire coastal town of Grand Isle finally has electricity again, after Hurricane Ida caused massive damage to the barrier island’s infrastructure. Jeff Palermo has more…

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It’s no secret that New Orleans has been plagued with a slew of carjackings in recent weeks; some at gunpoint. NOPD says they’ve arrested four people they believe are connected with five carjackings that happened in broad daylight this past Saturday. Police are thankful no one was hurt, and say more such arrests are coming.


Lafayette Police say a fatal hit-and-run crash Sunday night led to another traffic crash, when a woman drove through a police barricade where officers were investigating the hit-and-run. Lafayette Police Sergeant Robin Green says Dominique Mills, of Scott, was stopped and arrested. As for the original hit-and-run? Green says no arrests there yet…:

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Governor John Bel Edwards sent his message to Louisiana in honor of the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr’s national holiday this morning. The governor focused his words on continuing the fight for equality, specifically within our criminal justice system…:

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The Governor acknowledges progress made in race relations, but says there is still ground to be covered.