2:30 LRN Newscast Jan 17

The entire coastal town of Grand Isle finally has electricity again, after Hurricane Ida caused massive damage to the barrier island’s infrastructure. Jeff Palermo has more…:

CUT 02(27)      “…Palermo.”

News website The Lens reports the City of New Orleans has been giving away counterfeit N95 masks for protection against the coronavirus. Remember a REAL N95 mask will NOT have ear loops; it will have straps that tie behind your head. The city says even the fake masks provide some protection from spread of the virus.


A Dr. Martin Luther King exhibit is traveling this month and next through the University of Louisiana system campuses. The “Carrying on the Dream” exhibit is on display today and tomorrow on the campus of Louisiana Tech in Ruston. La Tech spokesperson Tonya Oaks Smith says the exhibit is appropriate for all ages…:

CUT 05(11)      “…all of us.”

Included in the traveling exhibit is the 1966 Cadillac hearse that carried King’s body to his funeral almost 54 years ago in Memphis.

Speaking today on the occasion of MLK Day, Governor John Bel Edwards says he sees racial progress, but knows that the state still has a way to go in realizing Dr. King’s vision…:

CUT 08(09)      “…make change happen.”