12:30 LRN Newscast Jan 17

A Dr. Martin Luther King exhibit is traveling this month and next through the University of Louisiana system campuses. Today the “Carrying on the Dream” exhibit is at Louisiana Tech in Ruston. La Tech Spokesperson Tonya Oaks Smith says if aren’t able to make it to La Tech’s campus…

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Smith says it’s appropriate for all ages.

Governor John Bel Edwards sent his message to Louisiana in honor of the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr’s national holiday this morning. The governor focused his words on continuing the fight for equality, specifically within our criminal justice system.

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Power has finally been restored to the coastal town of Grand Isle. Mayor David Camardelle says after Ida made landfall state agencies and Entergy worked together to put most of the power infrastructure underground, which could have a huge impact when the next hurricane comes…

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New research from LSU and the University of Florida compared shark attacks and the lunar phases and there appears to be a connection. LSU Associate Professor Steve Midway says however he still advises against swimming in shark-infested waters no matter what phase of the moon.

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More attacks tend to occur closer to a full moon.