9:30 LRN Newscast Jan 17

Louisiana is expected to pass the one-million mark in total COVID cases this week. Many are hoping the peak of the Omicron surge is near. Children younger than 18 represent 27-percent of all COVID cases reported on Friday and State Health Officer Doctor Joe Kanter says that’s a possible sign the peak could be near

Cut 10 (11) “…prior surges.”

Some are complaining the price of medical marijuana in its smokable form is too high. For example, up to $480 per ounce. Gretna Representative Joe Marino, Chair of the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission, says the high price is due to the limited supply from two growing operations.

Cut 5 (13) “…where it can be sold?”

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says the hurricanes in 2020 and 2021 produced 579-million dollars in damages to the state’s fishing industry. LDWF biologist administrator Jason Froeba says a comprehensive study looked at monetary losses for infrastructure which includes vessels and revenue…

Cut 7 (07) “…that nature.”

The total amount of damages from the hurricanes to infrastructure was 304-million.

You can impress your friends during Shark Week and tell them shark attacks could be related to lunar phases. Research from LSU and the University of Florida compared attacks with the lunar phases and LSU Associate Professor Steve Midway says the moon’s influence is not from illumination because the vast majority of attacks take place during the day.

Cut 14 (08)  “…magnetic fields.”