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A study finds that hurricanes in 2020 and 2021 caused 579-million dollars in damages to the Louisiana fishing industry. Michelle Southern has the story…
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Snow flurries were seen in south Louisiana yesterday, but sunny and warmer today. Another cold front arrives on Wednesday, bringing us another round of cold weather for the end of the work week.

Today is Martin Luther King Day, state and federal offices are closed and there are many events scheduled today to honor the civil rights leader.

Now that medical marijuana is available in a smokable form, some are complaining of the high price. One of the state’s 9 cannabis pharmacies is asking between $440 and $480 per ounce. Gretna Representative Joe Marino chairs the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission, and says the high price is due to the limited supply from only two growing operations…:
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Marino says in the upcoming legislative session, lawmakers will look at expanding the number of growers and pharmacies in the hopes that will bring the price down.

The next time you want to impress your friends during Shark Week you can tell them that shark attacks are related to lunar phases. New research from LSU and the University of Florida compared attacks with the lunar phases and LSU Associate Professor Steve Midway says there appears to be a connection.
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Midway says their data serves as a building block towards better understanding shark attacks.