6:30 LRN Newscast January 17

Louisiana is expected to surpass one million COVID cases since the start of the pandemic this week. The state is experiencing its fifth surge of cases with the Omicron variant and State Health Officer Doctor Joe Kanter wishes he can provide an answer on when the Omicron peak will arrive, but there’s no good modeling to predict this…
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Gretna Representative Joe Marino also chairs the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission and he expects we’ll see more legislation during the 2022 regular session to help bring the price down for medical marijuana…
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Marino believes the state needs more growers and licensed pharmacies to bring the price of the product down.

A new study from LSU and the University of Florida compared shark attacks and moon phases and they found a trend. Brooke Thorington explains.
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Sunshine and warmer today, but the cold weather returns on Thursday.