10:30 LRN Newscast Jan 14

The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked the White House COVID vaccine mandate for private businesses. Six conservative justices voted for the block, while 3 liberal justices voted against it. Loyola University law professor Dan Ciolino…

Cut 13 (13) “…a democratic president.”
The court did rule to uphold the mandate to require the vaccine for health care workers

President Biden announced the administration is purchasing another 500-million home COVID tests to be distributed.  Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy says the effort is too late amid the Omicron surge. Cassidy shared with reporters that his own wife told him she’s also unable to find a home test.

Cut 6 (10) “…herself.”

Governor Edwards warns of a dangerous trend to intentionally catch COVID so individuals can put the virus behind them. He says it’s irresponsible and increases the chances of overwhelming the healthcare delivery system. Edwards says even the cases that are referred to as mild will make you feel sick.

Cut 8 (10) “…long time.”

New data shows the number of Louisianans who smoke cigarettes is at an all-time low. A report from the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living says the percentage of adults who smoke is down to just over 18-percent; down from about 22-percent in 2019. TFL director Dr. Earl Benjamin Robinson says this is great news:

Cut 10 (07) “…contextualize that drop.”
For help kicking the tobacco habit, visit “QuitWithUsLA.org”.