Governor  John Bel Edwards says it’s not wise to try to contract Covid on purpose…:
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The State Fire Marshal’s Office says a man from St. Tammany Parish died in a house fire when he ran back inside to try to save his dogs. They say when fire crews responded to the blaze, they found one person had safely escaped but another individual went into the fire to rescue the pets but never came back out.

The U.S. Supreme Court blocks the White House COVID vaccine mandate for private businesses. They did however uphold the requirement for employees of health care providers. Loyola University law professor Dan Ciolino feels the justices were right to leave that mandate in place…:
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A report from the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living says the number of smokers in Louisiana is at an all-time low with just over 18 percent of people here who light up. TFL director Dr. Earl Benjamin Robinson says people in lower income households are quitting at a high rate indicating additional tobacco taxes are effective. He says their efforts to encourage people to quit are working…:
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